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Jessica C. Buturla Hunter

* Sun Star Shamanic Healing *

Integrative & Intuitive Shamanic Wellness

(Formerly Hunter Healing Hands)

Workshops & Annual Ceremony

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Photo copyright Jessica Buturla Hunter

Energy Healing for the Empath Workshop

Self - Healing Techniques and Survival Skills for the Empath

Are you an Empath? Empaths are highly sensitive individuals who so often struggle with navigating emotionally, physically, energetically, and spiritually in life. Many go through life experiencing so many challenges, and are unaware of the source of their sensitivity; and some do realize the source of their sensitivity, but are not sure how to work with the challenges that come along with it. Although being an Empath can be a unique road to walk, it does not have to disable you, and you can learn to manage it and survive in a balanced way. This workshop will discuss the components of being an Empath, and incorporate self-healing skills and tools to assist with the process of managing being an Empath. This workshop is designed for Empaths who are seeking assistance, and are seeking to learn techniques to assist them to survive in the world in a healthy way.  This workshop is extremely detailed, full of information and helpful self healing techniques, including the following: Lecture and discussion; Grounding and Balancing techniques for energetic stability; Multiple Protection techniques for self-survival and energy preservation; How to Identify, Discern, and work with your Empathic Psychic and Emotional Signals, and how to respond to them; Transformation techniques for clearing toxic energies from yourself; Shamanic Stone Ceremony for Release and Empowerment of energies; and a Customized Medicine Bag for Empaths.  No experience necessary, this workshop is open to anyone to learn self-healing tools and skills to assist them with their Empath sensitivity.

To Register:   This workshop is taught individually, one on one with a student by Appointment. Contact Jessica for more information.

Walking in the Worlds

Introduction to Shamanism & The Shamanic Journey

 2 Day Workshop Intensive

"I cannot recommend this workshop enough.  Not only was Walking in the Worlds informative, but Jessica is such a strong, confident and intuitive Teacher.  She guided me in the way that I needed and was very much in tune with me the entire weekend.  I felt completely safe, supported and protected, which is something I am so grateful for.  Jessica is truly an inspiration to me.  She has a down to earth and relatable teaching approach.  But most importantly, her integrity, devotion, and wealth of knowledge alone is reason enough for me to book another workshop!  This class had me journeying on day 1 - Jessica had me equipped with the foundational tools I needed and I took it from there.  Honestly, this was an experience I will never forget.  Jessica, thank you so much for being you and offering such an important workshop.  Again, I highly recommend this workshop to those of you who want an introduction to journeying!"     - JCD, Wayne, New Jersey

The Shamanic Journey is an ancient technique to connect with Spirit and Energy, and is used to step into the Spirit worlds that co-exist with ordinary reality. This in-depth and intensive workshop will cover what the Shamanic Journey is, how it works, and various ways of using it from a Core Shamanism perspective. Students will learn self healing techniques for personal healing connections with Spirits and Energy, in addition to how to begin establishing Spirit relations in shamanic practices. Students will also learn how to safely and effectively conduct a Shamanic Journey, explore introductory elements and parameters of Shamanism, learn to begin to work with Spirit Guides and Power Animals, in addition to much more. Discussion and exploration of the various worlds in Shamanism is also incorporated, in addition to various hands on techniques and exercises in different aspects of Shamanic Journey work for self healing.

No prior shamanic experience is necessary to take this workshop, and there are no pre-requisites to take this workshop.  

Anyone who is interested in taking a Intro to Shamanism, or learning how to Journey, may take this workshop.

Registration for Walking in the Worlds:  This workshop is taught individually, one on one with a student by Appointment.  Contact Jessica for more info.

Please Note: The Walking in the Worlds Workshop is an Introductory course to Shamanism and Shamanic Journeying for the self.   

It is not a replacement for Shamanic Practitioner Training, or working on others.  If you are interested in Shamanic Practitioner Training - This workshop is the pre-requisite for the 2 Year Shamanic Practitioner Program here. Information on the Shamanic Spirit program (Shamanic Practitioner Training) is listed on the "Programs" page of this site.  

Annual Shamanic Ceremony

Painting of Pequot Warrior

Honoring the Pequots

A Sacred Shamanic Ceremony

for Healing and Honoring the Victims, Perpetrators, and the Land

connected with the Pequot War

"Jessica, I just wanted to thank you for the great work you are doing connected with the Pequots, and the very fine story you wrote for the Society for Shamanic Practitioners. Everything you wrote down rings completely true, and I am very pleased to know of your work. Take care, and just wanted to let you know you are appreciated. May you have a good successful life continuing your work."

                                                                                                                                                                                                      ~ Michael Harner

The Foundation of Shamanic Studies, July 2016

This is a sacred ceremony to honor the local Pequot Tribe, and join in a circle of healing for all ancestral ties of all of the victims, perpetrators, and land spirits, connected to this war. This ceremony is being held on the anniversary of the "Great Swamp Fight" - one of the largest and most impactful Native American battles in the history of New England - that finally ended in Fairfield (Southport), Connecticut, on July 13, 1637.  We cannot forget to honor the Natives who sacrificed their lives and their land. They were the first people, and they were greatly wronged on so many levels. We cannot change that the Pequot War happened; however, we can offer honor and respect for all involved. This ceremony will include shamanic healing work for all victims, perpetrators, and the land, including healing for our own ancestral ties to these entanglements. We will be honoring the Spirits in various forms.  Jessica Hunter has been working with healing work connected to the Pequot War for many years.  Her focus is to bring awareness, healing, and respect for the first people in our local area, their ancestors, the land, and all involved in this war, through sacred ceremony.  She facilitates this ceremony each year to honor this.  Please join us to contribute to the collective healing and honor the Spirits.

Disclaimer: Please note this event is not associated with or sponsored directly by the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation or any of its affiliates.

July 2021 Pequot War Ceremony Information

Date: July 2021 Ceremony date to be posted

Exchange: $40    All of the proceeds will be donated to the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation.

Registration: If you are interested in attending this ceremony, contact Jessica for information.  

More information on Jessica's work connected to Pequot War healing can be found in 

"Honoring the Pequots: Healing War & Trauma through Shamanic Ceremony"

in the book: Shamanism Without Borders, 2nd Edition.  

More information on the book can be found on the "Publications" page.

Photo & Publication Copyright 

Society for Shamanic Practice

Policies for Workshops & Ceremonies

Workshops and Ceremonies:

Fees are non-refundable, and non-exchangeable; However, in the instance that the Event, Circle, or Workshop is totally cancelled by Sun Star Shamanic Healing, all pre-registration funds are refunded to participants.

Please note that Workshops and Ceremonies are for self-growth, enrichment, and development for ages 18 years or older - They are not a replacement for certifications and / or training of any kind to provide, or teach, healing services to others.

Appropriate training in healing / spiritual/ or psychic development - should be pursued and completed prior to providing or teaching healing work for others. Workshops, Circles, and Ceremonies are not replacements for in-depth Training Programs.